Beauty Salon Skin Care Air Smoke Extraction Fume Extractor


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Portable Fume Extractor systems for today’s mobile work environment. Powerful, Multi-Stage Filter Systems can be moved between locations, effectively handling applications throughout your facility.
Yingxi fume extractors are mobile and allow you to capture harmful fumes in areas where stationary fume extractors are not practical. By using portable fume extractors, the operator will be able to remove fumes, odor, vapors and smoke from a variety of applications.

Beauty Salon Skin Care Air Smoke Extraction Fume Extractor for hair salon

Laser Beauty Smoke Filter
Model: YX301S
Filter: Four-level
Voltage: 110V 50Hz/220V 50Hz
Power: 350W
Air Volume: 450m³/h
Manipulate: LED smart panel+ 2.4G remote control+ filter block alarm



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