Hot Selling Screw Dispenser For Automatic Screw Locking Machine automatic screw feeder(High Quality)


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Product description
Robot arm use Air suction screw feeder
Model No: YX105-C
Power supply: 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1~2A
Rated power: 20W
Screw feeding method: Mechanical transmission
Screw feeding speed: 60~90 pcs/min
Working voltage: 15V DC (500mA)
Weight: 2.9kg
Screw capacity of container: 200ml
Suitable screw diameter: M 1.0 — M 5.0
Workable screw length: ≤16mm
Product size:202.5*126*149mm (L*W*H)

Product features
1. It is designing with counting function that the counting value from 0 – 9999; also it is designing with alarm warning function
once the counting value arrived the setting counting goal;
2. Screw output feeding speed with 60 – 90pcs/ mins, the feeding speed can adjust easily;
3. It is easy to adjust the screw feeding speed by adjusting the vibration motor for guide-rail, it is stable without shaking once
it is arrived screw take out point;
4. It is suitable for many kinds of screws with M1.0-M5.0(screw pole diameter), also workable with special screws with 1:1 screw,
flat head screw and screw with gasket etc;
5. It is designed with malfunction alarm program, the guide-rail easy to adjust, it can be take it out for adjusting freely;
6. It is no screw stuck occurring usually, scientific designed with the feeding method by circulating roller to guide rail, also
has clearing brush hanging in upside to clear extra screw in guide-rail when it is transmission process.
7. It supports with automatic locking screw machine with robot control platform by PLC.

Packaging included
1 * Automatic screw feeding device
1 * Manual operation instruction
1 * Internal hexagonal wrench
2 * Power adapter with cable


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